An Introduction… To me!

Hey everyone!! This is my first attempt at blogging so bare with me!

I’m a 32 year old male who is addicted to Formula 1, Indycar and everything Motor Sports. In this blog I aim to provide you the readers with my thoughts and feelings about the important (and not so important) stuff that goes on in car racing. I am also a bit of a fan of numbers and statistics so expect some number crunching to go on in here!

I’ve been watching F1 since the San Marino Grand Prix of 1988 and every since I’ve been hooked. The first race I remember missing was ironically the 1994 San Marino race, a dark weekend for F1. Being 13, I questioned myself that year whether I wanted to continue watching cars racing at high speed, but I decided to keep on. And I haven’t been disappointed. Unfortunately I have seen others perish chasing their dream, including Greg Moore, and more recently Dan Wheldon, but I know deep down, they died doing what they wanted to do, what they were born to do, race.

Of course there are dark times in all forms of motor racing, but their are also magical moments. From Nigel Mansell sweeping around Ayrton Senna in Hungary 1989, to Damon Hill winning the 1996 World Championship while Murray Walker gets a lump in his throat whilst commentating, to Mika Hakkinen’s epic move on Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari in Belgium in 2000, and many others besides. I hope to share my memories, my love for this sport, and for all the other series’ that occur around the world.

Anyway, hope you’ll enjoy my future posts.



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One thought on “An Introduction… To me!

  1. zabeille95 August 27, 2013 at 10:23 am Reply

    I’ve just finish reading through your blog. It’s really impressive ! I like it very much. And I share a lot of your positions. Congrats for your writing and the entire blog ! 🙂
    From a French woman F1 fan.

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