My Top 10 Wishes for F1 2013

Formula 1 in 2012 was one of the best seasons ever in the sport. We had seven winners in the first seven races, a record, and 8 winners in total after Kimi Raikkonen’s win in Abu Dhabi.  F1 in 2013 has a lot to live up to, but here is a list of what I would like to happen this year:

1 – Close, exciting racing.
F1 2012 had 8 different winners for 6 different teams. I would like 2013 to have a similar storyline, with competitive drivers up and down the grid. I know overtaking isn’t as hard anymore due to the Drag Reduction System (DRS), but I want the drivers to be close enough to be able to use it. China 2012 is an example of the close running, when it seemed P2 to P14 were running on the same back straight.  More of that if you please.


2 – Felipe Massa to return to the top step of the podium.
It would be some story to see Felipe Massa win again.  He hasn’t won a race since the end of the 2008 season when he was pipped to the title by Lewis Hamilton in Brazil. His return to form at the back end of 2012 was welcomed, and was just in time to save his Ferrari career.  Now he needs to complete his comeback and win a race or two. No one could say he wouldn’t deserve it.


3 – Mark Webber to prove to Helmut Marko he’s no number 2.
Helmut Marko has a knack of talking rubbish.  We all know Mark Webber, on his day, can beat anyone including Sebastian Vettel, Nurburging 2009, Monaco & Spain 2010, and Silverstone 2012 spring to mind.  However we also know that his days do not come often enough, whereas Sebastian seems to be always there or there abouts.  Marko has come out said that Webber’s job is to support Vettel. I’d hope that Webber can not just do that, but prove to Marko that he can be a winner and on a consistant basis, and run Vettel close all year like he did in 2010.

F1 Testing in Jerez - Day One

4 – Marussia & Caterham to finally score points.
Excuses are running out for these two teams – they need to score points.  Both of the teams are entering their fourth year of Formula 1 and have yet to break into the top 10 during the race.  With HRT’s demise, we do not want to see either Caterham or Marussia at the back, we want them competing with the midfielders for points.  Hope is higher for Marussia than Caterham to finally do it, but I want them both to manage it.


5 – Mercedes to provide a competitive car for Rosberg & Hamilton.
Lewis Hamilton leaving McLaren to go to Mercedes was the biggest off-track story of 2012, but it now needs his new team to provide him with a car that is going to compete for wins for him and his teammate Nico Rosberg. We all know the fight Lewis has in him, but he needs the car to be working well under him for him to be competing for race wins as lots of people will be wanting him to.

Motorsports: FIA Formula One World Championship 2012, Grand Prix of China

6 – Romain Grosjean to prove he belongs in F1.
We can all say 2012 wasn’t the best year for Romain Grosjean.  He had a number of start line and first lap incidents (not all of his fault) but he cannot afford to make any mistakes again this year.  We all know he’s quick, his three podiums last year and his Valencia performance show that.  He just has to put it all together and prove to all his doubters that he’s in F1 for the long haul.


7 – Sauber to finally win a race.
Sauber have been racing since 1993 and have never reached the top step of the podium as a privateer team.  Yes they won with Robert Kubica when they were in partnership with BMW, but Malaysia 2012 with Sergio Perez was by far they came to a win as their own team. Nico Hulkenberg is the most likely of the two drivers to win a race in 2013, but it would be a mighty popular win if Sauber could indeed pull it off.


8 – A Force India to finish on the podium.
Aside from Toro Rosso and the three minnows, Force India were the only team not to score a podium finish in 2012. Nico Hulkenberg came closest in Brazil, and could possibly have won had he not spun on the damp track into Lewis Hamilton.  They had a podium with Giancarlo Fisichella back in 2009, but nothing since. They need to get back there, and I’d like them too.


9 – No major controversies, on or off the track.
Purely and simply, I just want clean races and no backhanded tactics affecting the season, on the track or off it.

Spanish F1 GP 2012 - Race Preview Feature (MBAMGF1)

10 – A different world champion.
No offence at all to Sebastian Vettel, hes earned the last three championships, but I just want a change at the top. I really don’t mind who wins it, as long as they are a deserving champion.



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One thought on “My Top 10 Wishes for F1 2013

  1. thedavidryan February 1, 2013 at 11:45 am Reply

    Hey great write up you have here, well done! I’ve wrote my thoughts on the new Ferrari F138 here see what you think!

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