F1 Teams of the Past – Pacific Racing

Pacific Racing were an Formula 1 team that competed during the 1994 and 1995 seasons. They were founded in 1984 by Keith Wiggins to race in the British Formula Ford series, before progressing to Formula 3 and then Formula 3000.

In 1994 they entered Formula 1 with Bertrand Gachot and Paul Belmondo at the wheel.  Unfortunately the car was dreadfully off the pace, and they very rarely managed to qualify.  In fact Gachot only qualifed on five occasions and Belmondo only two.  In 1995, Gachot remained in the team, and, with a place on the grid guarenteed due to lower entry levels, the team got some mileage on the board, this time with Andrea Montermini in the team.

Unfortunately again the car wasn’t up to scratch, and Gachot was dropped mid-season to allow some pay-drivers to race.  Giovanni Lavaggi & then Jean-Denis Deletraz had a go but were way off the pace, Deletraz in particular not F1 standard.  Oliver Gavin was due to race in the finale in Australia but didn’t because of apparent superlicience issues.  The F1 team disbanded at the end of 1995 but returned briefly to F3000 and a brief venture into Sports Cars before ending completely at the end of 1998.


Paul Belmondo – France – 2 Starts, 14 DNQ’s, 0 Points, Did Not Finish any race
Bertrand Gachot – Belgium – 5 Starts – 11 DNQ’s, 0 Points, Did Not Finish any race

Bertrand Gachot – Belgium – 11 Starts, 0 Points, Best Finish 8th in Australia
Giovanni Lavaggi – Italy – 4 Starts, 0 Points, Did Not Finish any race
Jean-Denis Deletraz – Switzerland – 2 Starts, 0 Points, 1 Non-Classification, 1 DNF
Andrea Montermini – Italy – 15 Starts, 1 DNS, 0 Points, 1 DQ, Best Finish 8th in Germany



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