Robert Visoiu – The Great Romanian Hope?

There has never been a Formula One driver from Romania, but Robert Visoiu offers the country the best opportunity for the future to change that fact.  The 17-year-old from Pitesti currently drives in the GP3 series and the Auto GP series in 2013.

Visoiu 1

The fact he’s already in those two series when he only made his debut in single-seater cars in 2011 is quite frankly unbelievable.  Starting out in the Formula Abarth Italian Series with Jenzer Motorsport, he had a very respectable first season, winning once in Misano and finishing 6th in the standings, with two other podium visits.

He also competed in the European Series of the Formula Abarth championship, this time netting two victories, one in Misano, the other in Catalunya, and finishing fourth in the final standings.  He also had a few races in the Formula Pilota China series, grabbing two podiums in the four races he raced in.

Visoiu 2

Onto 2012, and Visoiu progressed to the Italian Formula 3 Championship with Ghinzani Arco Motorsport, a team owned & run by former Formula 1 racer PierCarlo Ghinzani.  The Romanian had another decent season (for his age!) and won once in Mugello and finishing ninth in the Championship, in a season he missed two events because of a clash with the GP3 series he was already competing in, back again with Jenzer Motorsport.  Sixteen races in GP3 yielded a solitary podium in Barcelona, but a whole lot of experience was gained in front of the eyes of the Formula 1 paddock.

2013 sees Robert Visoiu racing in two series’ again, firstly remaining in the GP3 series with MW Arden, whilst joining the Auto GP World Series, reuniting this time with Ghinzani Racing.  His first GP3 win in Valencia was well deserved, and it looks like the Romanian is continuing his upwards swing to the top of motorsport.  The kid is still only seventeen and is competing at the top with other highly rated drivers including Conor Daly, Kevin Korjus & Tio Ellinas, and is doing very well at it! Expect big things in the upcoming years from him, time is certainly on his side, and the fact he has plenty of talent can only do him well.

Visoiu 3

It would not surprise me to see Robert Visoiu in Formula 1 within the next few years.  I will be keeping a keen eye on him.


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One thought on “Robert Visoiu – The Great Romanian Hope?

  1. drinkingwigga August 13, 2013 at 12:18 pm Reply

    A good read, thanks! I totally agree also, one to watch. Will try and get his autograph at Donington when AutoGP visit. Hard to get F1 driver’s autographs so always best to get them on the way up with the help of articles like this 🙂

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