An Interview with… Luciano Bacheta!

Luciano Bacheta is a British racing driver and reigning Formula 2 Champion, having won the final season of that championship in 2012.  He competed in Auto GP for a number of rounds this year too, winning a race early on in the season.  He stepped out of the drive mid-season, and has his eyes set on a good drive in one of Formula One’s feeder categories in 2014.  I am delighted to say I had the opportunity to ask Luciano some questions to which he gratefully replied!

Bacheta 1

Paul Hensby: How did it feel becoming the last (at the present time at least) Formula 2 Champion?

Luciano Bacheta: it felt great winning the championship, I had a lot of pressure on me throughout the year to win, especially after the first 4 races, it would have been easy to have a silly slip up and lose it all, I’m glad I didn’t, and worked hard to make sure it ran smoothly.

PH: You won four times in a row at the beginning of your Championship season, including a Silverstone double, how does it feel racing, and winning, in front of the British fans?

LB: I didn’t expect to win so early in the season, I knew I had to catch up to the knowledge of the established guys in the championship, I guess this made me work harder pre season, it turned out I did more than catch up to them, I spent hours watching previous F2 races, talking to past F2 racers to learn as much as possible. I also met with Yokohama and learnt as much about the tyre as I could.. Nobody else did this, and I believe this is why I had the early advantage.

PH: You earned a Williams Formula 1 test for the win, how was that?  Did it give you any additional motivation to get there in the future?

LB: The F1 test went very well, and of course I would jump at any F1 opportunity that comes up, it definitely motivated me more and gave me more self belief.

Bacheta 3

PH: I watched you this year on the Sunday’s race 2 at Silverstone in Auto GP, where you finished P8. Pre-race in the paddock you looked really relaxed, how do you manage to stay so calm when you’ve got so much power under your foot?

LB: Nothing changes my approach whether its a practice session or a championship deciding race, this makes everything easier to deal with when the pressure is on. So I looked calm because I was calm, I had prepared as always and from my point of view I was ready.

PH: You recently stepped out of the Auto GP series, is that it for the year 2013 for you in regards to racing? I believe the target is a 2014 GP2 drive, is that correct?  Are you hopefully something will come your way?

LB: Things are looking well for next year, hopefully we can speed up that process and get back out towards the end of this season, I’ve been keeping sharp in my kart in the mean time.

PH: Who’s been the biggest or most challenging on-track rival for you so far in your career?

LB: So far I haven’t had any on track rival who has made me lose any sleep, I usually find myself in a battle with someone different race by race! If anyone, Mihai Marinescu used to give me something to think about in F2 last year, his defending and attacking methods were….different.

PH: What’s the best race track you’ve ever raced on?

LB: Silverstone, I love it there.


PH: Are there any particular races you really want to compete in before your career comes to an end? Could you see yourself racing at Le Mans one day perhaps, for example?

LB: Nothing in particular, apart from F1 races.

PH: At what point did you know that you wanted to become a professional racing driver? Do you remember what or who made you want to get into the sport?

LB: I wanted to become a racing driver as soon as I found out I was good in a go kart, when i was 12 years old at my local circuit. I got into the sport totally by chance, nobody introduced me to it.

PH: Whilst growing up, did you have any racing heroes?

LB: Not really, because I didn’t follow racing much, I didn’t know much about racing until I started myself. Since then I’ve watched and studied Senna, and his story is incredible.

PH: If you could choose any driver, past or present to be your first F1 teammate, who would you choose and why?

LB: I wouldn’t mind any team mate, it doesn’t bother me.

PH: Thank you again for taking the time to reply to these questions.  Good luck for your quest to get to Formula 1, I for one will be following your progress with a keen eye!

Many thanks to Luciano Bacheta for taking the time to respond to my questions.  You can follow Luciano on twitter (@LucianoBacheta) or on Facebook.


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